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"Construction production" scientific and technical journal has been published since 2010 under the following names:

from 2010 – “Technical regulation. Construction. Design. Surveys”
from 2012 – “Technology and Organization of Construction production”
from 2019 – "Construction production"

Azariy A. Lapidus

Dear friends!

"Construction production" journal is a scientific and technical publication covering construction industry issues within a wide range of scientific areas.

"Construction production" journal reviews topics related to construction and architecture; mechanical engineering and mechanical science; information technologies, computer science and management.

While articles on construction and architecture do not raise questions, such areas as “mechanical engineering and mechanical science”, “information technologies”, “computer science” and “management” need to be clarified.

The Editorial Board of the "Construction production" journal includes the most prominent construction scientists from the Russian Federation and worldwide. The global representation in the Editorial Board is indicative of the interest to the journal displayed by the professional community.

Our journal is open to cooperation with all researchers regardless of their status, including bachelors, masters and postgraduate students as well as doctoral candidates and recognized scientists.

We are looking forward to a long-term and effective cooperation!

Sincerely yours,

Azariy A. Lapidus


The thematic sections correspond to scientific specialties:

2.1.1 - Construction structures, buildings and facilities (technical sciences),
2.1.2 - Foundations and underground structures (technical sciences),
2.1.5 - Building materials and products (technical sciences),
2.1.7 - Technology and organization of construction (technical sciences),
2.1.14 - Life cycle management of construction objects (technical sciences).