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Goals and objectives, thematic section

The purpose of the scientific and technical magazine "Construction production" is to support readers’ interest in original research and innovative approaches on a wide range of scientific areas in the construction industry and promote the distribution of the best domestic and foreign practices in this field.

The target audience of the magazine includes scientists, university teachers, under-graduate and graduate students, representatives of the expert community and other people interested in issues covered by the magazine.

Goals of the scientific and technical magazine

1. To elucidate new scientific results essential for various fields of the construction science and practice, theory and history of urban planning, architectural creativity.

2. To carry out international and interregional scientific and coordinating functions for competent, high-quality and timely coverage of the main scientific results by the magazine authors.

3. To create an environment of openness and accessibility for the scientific results by graduate students applying for the defense of dissertations and degree obtaining in scientific specialties of dissertation councils in various fields of the construction science and practice, theory and history of urban planning, architectural creativity.

4. To form a permanent steady interest among the scientific and pedagogical community, as well as young and novice scientists, in the magazine, its growing demand in professional circles of various regions in Russia, near and far abroad.

Thematic sections of the magazine include:

  • interviews

  • authentic articles that meet the requirements and subject of the scientific and technical magazine

  • news; in accordance with the Russian legislation on mass media and registration documents, the magazine publishes informational messages about significant events, scientific conferences, industrial exhibitions and announcements of the most significant events relevant to the subject of the edition.

  • information about the authors including full names, photos and contact information of the scientific articles authors

According to the Federal Law № 38-FZ of March 13, 2006 (amended on October 30, 2018) "On Advertising" (amended and supplemented, entered into force on January 1, 2019), the volume of advertisement in editions can be no more than forty-five percent of one printed edition volume.

The thematic sections correspond to scientific specialties:

05.02.22 - Production organization (by industries) (technical sciences),

05.23.01 - Construction structures, buildings and facilities (technical sciences),

05.23.02 - Foundations and underground structures (technical sciences),

05.23.03 - Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting (technical sciences),

05.23.04 - Water supply, sewerage, construction systems for the protection of water resources,

05.23.05 - Building materials and products (technical sciences),

05.23.07 - Hydrotechnical construction (technical sciences),

05.23.08 - Technology and organization of construction (technical sciences),

05.23.16 - Hydraulics and engineering hydrology,

05.23.19 - Environmental safety of construction and urban economy,

05.23.22 - Urban planning, planning of rural settlements (technical sciences, architecture),

05.13.12 - Design automation systems (by industries).