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Editorial policy

Privacy declaration

Information about the authors (surname, name, patronymic, name of the affiliated organization, address of the organization, email address, phone number for readers to contact the author) provided by them for publication in the magazine becomes accessible to an indefinite number of people, and the authors give written consent to this by the fact of signing relevant supporting documents for the article and the form including complete information about the authors required for indexing Russian magazines in the bibliographic database of the Russian Science Citation Index (the list of necessary information about the authors is available on the magazine’s website in the "For Authors" section). Publication of this information is carried out in the interests of the authors in order to account the publications fully and correctly, cite them by appropriate bibliographic organizations and ensure the possibility of the authors’ contacts with the scientific community.

The personal information provided by the authors to the magazine in addition to the information listed in the requirements including additional email addresses and phone numbers will be used only for contacts with the authors in the process of preparing the article for publication. The editors undertake not to transfer this personal information to third parties who may use it for other purposes.

Access to full texts. Archiving

The print version of the magazine is distributed through subscription. Full-text files of all archived and current issues of the magazine are publicly available on the site.

Archiving of preprint (before the reviewing procedure) and postprint (prepared for publication, but not yet published) articles is not allowed. For archiving, the authors of the articles and other users get only publishing pdf-versions of the articles immediately after the publication of the magazine issue.

Free reproduction of the magazine materials for personal purposes and their free use for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes is allowed in accordance with art. 1273 and 1274 chap. 70 p. IV of the RF Civil Code. Other uses are possible only after concluding respective written agreements with the copyright holder.

Payment for editorial and publishing services

Scientific and technical journal "Construction production" is an independent publication.

Publication of scientific articles is free of charge if the following conditions are met:

* Compliance with all requirements of the scientific and technical journal "Construction production" for the design of original articles;

· a positive review of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, as well as the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Construction production»;

· a formated article in Adobe InDesign.

If necessary, the implementation of the drafting services payment is made in "PROFSTANDARDS" LLC. The cost of editorial services can be found on the official website of the organization

Payment for editorial and publishing services is made only after passing the review procedure and a positive decision of the editorial board on accepting the manuscript for publication. The editorial board guarantees the objective scientific expertise of all manuscripts. Materials are published in order of priority.

In some cases, the editor-in-chief decides to grant benefits to authors who have made a significant contribution to the development of science and the journal.

Please note that the editorial board does not cooperate with sites and individuals offering services for the promotion of articles and urgent publications in HAC-journals. 

Payment details:


TIN 7708297351

CR 771501001

Bank account 40702810838000124605

BIC 044525225

BANK Sberbank PJSC

C/account 30101810400000000225

Payment purpose: Author’s fee for the article publication in the STM CI, reg. No. ___, Surname, Name, Patronymic of the responsible author. Without VAT

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